Christmas 2019 Keepsake time capsule bauble


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So last night while chatting away to a customer she reminded me of something I did last year which was our Christmas time capsule. Basically a night in Advent we as a family all sat down, some wrote a note (Mel and i) and the others drew pictures etc that we can all look back on in years to come. I’m terribly sentimental and lost Mum when i was still quite young so my messages to my children, I hope, will be nice ones to look back on long after im gone.
I developed the piece too late in the season to be able to sell them in 2018 but I can now offer the kit for 2019s memories. The kit will have the bow ribbon and painted year already in place to the front of the 12cm bauble ready for you to fill!



note..when full we suggest sealing the bauble with a dot of glue on the bottom to keep the notes safe

The bauble comes with the ribbon, bow and year already attached, when full put the two halves together gently, As with many tree decorations this piece is a fragile piece so handle with care


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